Community Impact

"If you want to run fast, run alone. If you want to run far, run together." ~African Proverb


In Haiti, young women rarely get the opportunity to play the game of soccer or "football" as it is called in Haiti. But thanks to RCD, many girls in Musac are now able to take to the field every summer. Teams from all over the valley come to compete.

 water & Roads

Clean water is not a simple commodity in Musac. You don't just turn on your faucet and fill up your cup. You walk... sometimes miles, always up and down hills and rocky terrain to get to a well. There you fill up the containers brought with you and then make the treck back home. So for all of that work, you pray there is clean water in the well. When wells become damaged or in need of repair, there is no town council to fix them. That is the job of the community. That is a part of what RCD members do-- both for broken wells and dilapidated roads. They come together to get the job done.

Community Programs

RCD works to bring programs to the community like gifting trees and sponsoring a celebration for mothers on Mother's Day. These are things that encourage the community and bring people together for celebration. RCD is always looking for people to bring seminars and programs to the community for the education and encouragement of the people.

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