Creating new opportunities ~ Protecting the vulNerable ~ producing change 

Inspiring & supporting local orphans in their education and home life

Bringing good attention and assistance to the disabled people of Musac

Improving community roads and water sources

Providing young people opportunities to develop their skills in dancing, learning English, painting, and more

Organizing summer soccer league for girls 

Protecting the land by planting and gifting trees

Creating cultural activities in the community for all to come and enjoy


RCD Haiti

Three letters pulled from the French title, "Rassemblement des Citoyens pour le Developpement du Sud-est" is a non-profit organization built upon the objective of people in the Musac community coming together for the development of their community. Taking pride in and responsibility for its people and resources. It is made up of teachers, masons, accountants, mothers, fathers, nurses, students... People of Mizak that come together because they long for a better future for the people that live in their community. 

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